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Happy (Belated) Feast of St. John Bosco!

Updated: Feb 26

If you have read some of my earlier blogs, you will know that St. John Bosco is the founder of the Salesian order, so needless to say, his feast day on January 31 is a pretty big deal for Salesian Lay Missioners and our Salesian mission sites. So Mary (my site partner) and I decided to plan a fun day of food and activities in order to celebrate with the girls.

We started out the day by having the girls guess how many pieces of gum were in a box. The winners were announced at the end of the day, and they won a candy bar as a prize. We then gave each girl a piece of gum for participating.

Then in the afternoon, we started the outdoor activities by eating a light snack of popcorn and tocinos (think of a snack with the look and texture of Bugles but a different taste) followed by an obstacle course. After that, we had a ring toss and bean bag station followed by a water balloon toss. I think the water balloons were a favorite! Next there was a water relay race, volleyball, and chalk drawing. There are some very talented artists among the girls! The day was capped off by popping water balloons over the heads of the losing volleyball team and finally eating buñuelos and drinking lemonade. The girls were laughing because not only were water balloons popped over my head, but they dumped buckets of water on me, too. One little one was still describing it the next day!

Mary and I ended up going to bed very tired that day, but very happy with the way that things turned out. I am going to add some photos from the day as well as try to attach the video that Mary took of the buñuelo making process. Enjoy!

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