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A Lenten Giving Opportunity

Hello everyone! I had previously mentioned that I would be helping to coordinate donations for the Casa San Miguel. As a quick refresher (or for new readers), the Casa San Miguel is a dorm-like home where the girls from the foster home in Cochabamba can go when they turn 18. The expectation is that they find a job in order to pay for part of their living costs and that they are taking classes to finish high school or at a college or trade school. Sponsors or donors help them pay part of their living expenses. Currently there 5 girls living at the Casa San Miguel.

I was recently contacted by the sister in charge of the finances of the Casa San Miguel because they are in immediate need of donations. In December, they had to raise the height of the sidewalks outside of the Casa and the Hogar. They couldn't wait for the money because the street outside had recently been paved (it was previously been dirt), and it was causing water to gather at the base of the walls surrounding both properties. For those who aren't well-versed in construction or home ownership, water that pools at the base of walls causes major issues for foundations. And December is the beginning of the rainy season in Bolivia. We are talking about rain almost everyday for a few months, and some spells of it raining all day for about a week.

Here you can see the amount of water that ran along the wall during the rain

Even after the rain stopped, the water remained at the base of the walls.

So that leads us to priority #1. The sisters owe $2,452 USD for the work on the foundations. Again this was something that couldn't wait because of the time of year. If you could donate any amount to help cover the cost, it would be greatly appreciated! Here are some picture of the construction and the final results.

Water no longer gathers by the wall!

Even when there is a lot of rain, it now stays in the street.

But, Ann, what happens if they get more that in donations? I am glad you asked. It would go to the other needs of the Casa. Believe me, it won't go to waste. The two other major needs of the Casa fall in this order.

  1. We currently have an unsponsored girl. Extras would go toward her living expenses. (Also, if you feel so called, you can sign up for monthly donations to cover her expenses.)

  2. The Casa San Miguel building is technically still unfinished. The upper floor has been finished, but they have yet to complete some of the living quarters downstairs and an office and dining area.

Since it is Lent, I figured it is a great time to ask for donations. On behalf of everyone at the Casa San Miguel, thank you for your generosity!

To donate, go to

Make sure you choose Bolivia-Casa San Miguel (Cochabamba) from the Select Program drop box. You can add a note if you so choose.

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