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What's Next?

The reality of making a big life change is that everyone starts to wonder what comes next. It is something that I have been thinking about for a few months, and I have started to get the question from family and friends. The reality is that I don't know for sure what comes next. I have applied for a few library positions in Iowa, but so far, I have nothing lined up.

Thankfully, I am not too worried about having to find a job right away. I have a wonderful family that will let me live with them until I get my feet under me. It's a blessing that I think many people in the states take for granted.

That leads to me a need that I have witnessed during my time here. I have known for some time that a gap in the foster care system has been support for children after they turn 18, but it became a reality to me after witnessing the need first-hand. Imagine turning 18 and having all of the responsibilities of adulthood placed on your shoulders without having a trusted adult to turn to when you encounter problems or need advice. Not to mention the financial safety net that parents often provide. It is a reality that many of our girls face as they turn 18.

We are lucky, though. This need was identified years ago by former Salesian Volunteers in cooperation with the sisters who run the Hogar. They came up with the plan for and executed the construction of the Casa San Miguel. Just across the road, the girls have a place to go if they choose to work and study for a degree or certification. Sponsors and donors help pay for half of the living and school costs and the girls pay for the other half. They have individual apartments with a personal bathroom, bedroom, kitchen, and balcony. They have a shared kitchen, gathering space, and chapel. One of the sisters lives with them to make sure they are keeping up with their responsibilities, pray with them, and give them support.

Which brings me to the one certainty that I have in my life as I transition back to the states. I have been asked to help be the face of the Casa San Miguel in the United States. I am going to help look for sponsors and donors to support the financial needs of the Casa. I will explain more about how you can help support these young adults as they strive to improve their lives in upcoming blogs. But for now, I ask that you prayerfully consider if you are being called to make a one time donation or become a sponsor of one of the girls at the Casa San Miguel. If you will like to message me individually for more information, my email is

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